attracting girls now

Most guys have no clues as how to behave, what to say or what to do to attract girls. There only tool is luck, which, unfortunately, most girls will detect that you are using it and dump you fast.
To attract girls you should not count on chance, you must use your brain and deal with this situation differently.
Here, you will discover what you must do to spark the attraction in girls and how to use this material to your advantage.
Some of the stuff presented here will sound usual to you, but don’t underestimate it. It can mean your success if used very efficiently and a huge failure if neglected.
The first one is to be good looking.
Have you ever seen a guy wearing a strange t-shirt with sport shoes trying to score with a girl? Did he succeed? I bet he didn’t.
The reason is because women pay enormous attention to outer looks and especially to the way you dress and the how you take care of your body.
For a woman, to be handsome doesn’t mean to look like a Hollywood movie start. It is the way you dress the way you take care of yourself.
don’t get discouraged by this advice, I know that many of you will say to themselves, ” I’m not good looking, so I won’t stand a chance”, well it’s untrue, the first condition for you to be handsome is to learn to accept yourself as a handsome men. View yourself as great and people will see you great.
The second one is be daring.
By daring, I mean taking charge of the situation.
When with a girl, don’t let her take charge. You are the man, it’s up to you.
So how do we get this characteristic?
We learn it by experience. Whenever you have the opportunity to do something new, just go for it and do it. The only condition here is that it must have a positive impact on your life.
As an example, I used to be an indoor person for a very long time, friends would invite me to go out with them, but I would always find a reason to stay by myself.
I knew that this situation was leading me nowhere. So, for me to change it, I started going out a lot, whatever the reason, as long as it wasn’t harmful for me. After sometimes, I found out that I like being with people, I like going to new places.
The result, I am more comfortable around new people, I’ve been to many places and faced different challenges and I have learned so much from my experiences.
The third one is to be challenging to girls.
I must say that this is by far the most important advice in this article.
If you let the girl model you into the guy she wants to see you become, guess what happened when she is done?
Yes, she will broke your heart and leave you cold and bitter.
This is not what we are after.